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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What format does this template come in?
A- The file will be an Adobe Illustrator CS2 vector file and will look like the sample shown above.

Q- What will I get?
A- Included in the file are - a sample design (with text converted to outlines) in layers that are easy to understand and edit, all associated clipart and design elements, warped text for customization (outside of the sample), and a list of recommended fonts and locations for purchase or download.

Q- How much software knowledge do I need to modify this file?
A- Our templates are designed to be quickly and easily modified by an entry level designer. We try to create templates that can be edited and customized by a person with around 1 semester of software education.

Q- What does that mean exactly?
A- A designer should be comfortable with selecting, groups and individual elements, adjusting colors and line weights, and resizing text. They should have a basic understanding of text manipulation and warping, general comfort with the colors panel, and basic understanding of layers.

Q- What if I'm not comfortable customizing the design myself?
A- For a small fee we can do this for you. Just contact us and tell us what you need. We will get the changes made and give you a downloadable file which is finished with all of your custom information.

Q- Are the fonts included?
A- No. We do not sell anything we did not create from scratch ourselves. This includes clipart and design elements. Everything included in our designs is 100% created by us.
Font names and locations to download or purchase the suggested fonts are provided

Q- Can I use my own fonts?
A- Absolutely! Our templates are built in such a way that the design will look amazing when used with a large variety of font choices.

Q- Do these template include trapping, overprinting, underbases, or other prepress set ups?
A- No. These types of settings are printer specific and vary by shirt color, press type, and other factors. Additionally, they are much easier to add than to remove. If you are interested in these types of advanced settings you probably will prefer to set them yourself.

Q- How many colors are these designs?
A- Most of our designs are 5-6 colors but can easily be reduced to 3-4 by merging colors in the colors panel or adding halftones.

Q- How do the colors come?
A- The colors are RGB spot colors.

Q- Do you use halftones to reduce colors?
A- No. Halftones are a bit tricky for templates when you don't know what color the design is going on. Just to be safe we use solid spot colors. Occasionally we will use blends but we almost never use the shirt color as a design color. However, if you know what color the shirt is we recommend adjusting the design colors to incorporate this color into the design to save set up and print time.

Q- I only want to use 1 or two colors, will these templates work?
A- Absolutely, For 1-color designs, just merge all of the colors with except black so that you are left with just black and white. Most of the time this will leave you with a nice line art design which will still be interesting and print well. You can then add additional color as you like. Occasionally a design will need a bit of adjusting for it to work well but typically this should not be to difficult or problematic.

Q- I need a printer that I can trust to make this art look great on the tees. Do you offer a printing as well?
A- Yes, we have been printing tournament shirts for 17 years. Call us at 1-800-315-9411 for a quote.

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